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About OHPR

OHPR is a highly efficient and results-driven virtual communications agency for the education, medical, technology and space sectors. Based on the contractor model, OHPR has a trusted team of experienced and incredibly talented go-to pros with a background in public relations, design, social media and marketing. 

Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar agencies, our business model allows us the ability to ensure our clients receive: 

  1. Competitive rates. Our clients get the same tactics, contacts, best practices and hustle mentality as they would from big name agencies - without the same big price tag. 
  2. The right level of support and the right team. Because we have the flexibility to easily scale up and down AND offer a broad talent perspective, our clients get to work with a carefully curated A-team specific to their industry, service needs and goals.  
  3. Support in every time zone throughout the U.S. The 9-5 isn't our norm. From the west coast to the east coast in dedicated coworking spaces and home offices, OHPR has an expanding network of team members all over the U.S., ensuring our clients are supported in every time zone. 

Our Services


Public Relations

Media & Influencer Relations
Thought Leadership Campaigns
Product & Service Launch Support
Speaking & Awards
Crisis Communications
Event Planning & Coordination


Social Media

Community Engagement
Organic Growth Strategies
Daily Management of Posts
Content Creation & Execution
Paid Social Ad Strategy & Management


Content Marketing

Blog Posts
Case Studies
White Papers
Byline Articles
Content Strategy
Editorial Calendar Management



User Experience (UX)
Ad Concept & Creation
Website Design
Branding & Logos
Print & Digital Collateral

Positioning & Messaging

SWOT Analysis
Industry Trends & Issues Research
Communication & Messaging Audit
Corporate Positioning
Message Development
Product Family Messaging


Digital Marketing

Email Marketing
Online Paid Search/ PPC
Conversion Optimization
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How we do it

  • Measure by quality over quantity: Sound cliché? We agree, but it’s the truth. In today’s noisy digital environment, we don’t need to reach everyone – just the ones who matter most to our clients’ business, stakeholders and community. To achieve this, our mantra across ANY marketing strategy is:   
  1. To tell clear, compelling, useful and engaging stories
  2. To build quality relations with the right audience
  • Use a mix of communication tools: OHPR understands what may work well for a company at one stage in their business life cycle, won't always be effective in another. We believe the key to every successful marketing strategy requires a steady rotation and mix of carefully selected public relations, marketing, design and social media strategies.
  • Shoot it straight: We’ll be the first to tell a client if a certain piece of the communications puzzle (e.g., press release, paid ads, new website, etc.) isn't right for them at that very moment. Instead, we'll recommend the right mix of communication tools to get our clients correctly noticed and see the greatest ROI. This makes our clients happy, and in turn makes us happy. Everybody wins!
  • Collaboration and communication: OHPR works side-by-side as an extension to our client’s communications and marketing team(s) in an effort to collaboratively maximize objectives, value and target metrics. 
  • Full visibility into your carefully curated and dedicated team. While we designate 1-2 primary point contacts (for simplicity reasons), we're not going to tell you one of our senior level team members will be on your team, only to then hand your business off to a junior-level team member to manage everything in the background. Whether it's one consultant or a team of 10, our clients get full visibility into their OHPR team


Our Clients

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